How To Write A Blog Post in 2021

Getting started with content marketing for your business can come in many forms but one of my favorites is blog writing.

Check out my latest video on how to write a blog post for your business in easy-to-follow steps.


Hello everyone! This is Jasmine Powers of join the citizens and what i wanted to do is just give you a few tips to help you get started with blogging since I want your focus to be on blogging this week. The reason why I chose blogging as like the main cornerstone of your content marketing is number one, I really want you to build content on your website. Your website should be your hub your, your media base for all of the content that you place online. This is mainly so that when people are reading your blogs they are able to take advantage of your products and services especially if you have an e-commerce site or a site for a consultant and you want people to book appointments with you. But it’s also really good for Google because when people are searching things related to your topic, Google points them to your website. You’ll get leads that maybe you never would have gotten before but it’s because of your content that has attracted them there. So in order to get started with blogging, number one, hopefully you have a site that has the ability to blog. If you’re on WordPress you automatically have the ability to blog. There are some other sites that allow you to do this like Squarespace but you really just need to know what your site has a capability of doing. If not, then you can always just add a blog on the side using WordPress or another tool and make sure it’s just linked on your website some type of way. Now let’s get down to the actual factual of how to do your blog. So the first thing I want you to do is like kind of maybe do an outline of what you initially want to talk about choosing your topic being the first thing that you need to do but then brainstorm and get some key points down but if you don’t know where to start just first research information related to your topics okay and so you’re just going to use good old Google and see what other content is out there available. There’s maybe just other feedback that you get from other writers or things that jog your memory oh yeah I want to make sure I include that but it’s always good especially if there’s facts or other details that you want to include it’s always good to have other references or resources to establish although you know it that this other reputable source has quoted in something in regards to your topic. So case in point when I was doing writing for doctors it would be good for me to link to content from the CDC that would establish legitimacy of whatever it was that I was writing for the doctor. So you can do the very same thing with your marketers linking to Hubspot who has a ton of stats and data that can back up with what I or you are saying in regards to marketing so research, research, research. Now when you’re doing all that research you’re going to have a lot of information and so the next thing I want you to do is just choose a few key points to develop and place into an outline. When you do this then you will have the foundation for what your blog post will look like plus if you think of an outline which is going to highlight key points those different highlights or key points are going to be your subheadings or they can even be broken out into new blog posts themselves. But what I want you to do is go deep and far and wide with this and so the more questions you can answer on your blog post if this is something that you will call like a skyscraper blog post which is probably over a thousand words it’s well researched well documented um but you go deep and answer all these related topics not just the main topic but you’re going deep in asking auxiliary questions or answering questions about the topic. Now what I want you to do is then just write the thing right. Just get it now that you have your outline and then we’re writing just start writing. Just go for it. You don’t edit at this point. Just write, write, WRITE. Okay now one thing that some people do is they choose to let that blog sit for a day and then come back to edit so right now just write. It can be as imperfect and ugly as you want it to be. I like using Google Docs so I can go back at any time. I can even share that link out to someone else and say, “Hey, take a look at this. I need you to edit and mark it up for me.” And then I can come back to it later so the first thing I just want you to do is just write it raw. It doesn’t matter what it looks like at this point. Now if you choose the route to either send it to someone else or come back another like another day when you have a fresh set of eyes and you’re not like all committed and emotionally attached to what you just wrote you’re going to come back and edit it for clarity and so when you edit that for clarity sometimes we’re worried we just talk too much so we want to just break it down is it a way we could have said that better shorter more clear so somebody can get the point understand the point and know what action that they need to take so come back check the grammar make sure all your spacing is right your caps are right just your basic stuff edit it and make sure that it’s concise and clear and easy to understand. I love breaking things up into subheadings or numbers. Visually it just looks better. if it’s not just a wall of text if you have subheadings that are bold that are broken down and separates the paragraphs and the key points from each other amazing of course if you add a couple of multimedia like pictures and video that makes it even better images infographics anything that can break up that text and keep it organized and clear for your reader the better and then the last thing i want you to do is to add a call to action like we’re writing it but we’re writing for it for a reason so if it’s like at the end this person needs to then book a consultation with you to take advantage of whatever amazing uh information that you just shared with them or to like now you told them how to do it but if you want them to like do it with you then they need to book a consultation add that as a call to action at the bottom of the blog post uh some people also even have like pop-ups that pop up after a certain amount of time i’m not a fan of pop-ups i’m a fan of call to actions i’m a fan of images that tell a person what they may need to do uh i do not love puff pops but i’m just telling you that that’s something that some people do um one thing that some people do is also in addition to that call to action they might even embed an email signup form at the bottom of the blog post so that if somebody wants more information about that same blog post they can opt in to receive more information it tr this triggers you that somebody is interested and it also gets them on your list so whatever it is use this blog post to get somebody on your list get somebody into a product get somebody into like a booked appointment tell them what to do because you don’t want them to be like oh that was so great that was nice bye you want them to take some action so make sure that’s on the blog so we’ve covered a few things i’m going to pop back to the beginning research information you’re going to go you just want to go use use your googles use your other like really key um authorities in the industry and research information regarding to your topics you want to it adds validity and it also triggers some thoughts if like maybe you forgot that oh yeah i wanted to include that i love doing that i’m forgetful i can’t know everything i got to go to somebody else’s type uh to help jog my memory sometimes so research choose a few key points to develop and place in an outline uh we don’t want to write begin like a 5 000 page book just choose some key things put it in an outline and then the next thing you’re gonna do with that outline is use it to write this amazing blog post don’t over edit it early on because we just want the thoughts to flow we just wanted to go on to capture those things as they are coming to our mind we can clean it up later and then when you put it off to an editor or you come back a day later and like edit it you can edit it for conciseness and clarity making sure that each step is clearly understood that you didn’t miss anything that the people can take action to have success as a result of reading your content and then the last thing you want people to do is have a call to action tell them what to do don’t just assume they should know if you want them to book an appointment with you tell them if you want them to download an ebook related to this topic tell them if you want them to go purchase a product on your ecommerce site tell them but this needs to be in the body of the blog post with a link or a banner or button or something that tells them what action they need to take next and so basically now you have some key information to create an amazing blog post you’ll notice i didn’t go heavily into like seo and doing all this but the key thing about seo this is a little secret that i think you should know as a yo a while it can be very technical at the core seo just means you wrote really great content that answers the questions that people are asking google is a search engine so people are searching for answers and you know that your customers are searching for specific information you need to intentionally write content to answer those questions now you can go so far as to you know get into the meat of what seo is and do the same thing with all of your pages and all of your tags and going and trying to get other people to write or feature you so that you have incoming traffic to say hey this is really a site you should be paying attention to google you can go through all that but at the core a really good blog post could start you on the ball to great seo and organic traffic coming to your site as a result of google saying hey this person knows what they’re talking about about this topic so you should click this one first as opposed to like everybody else all your competitors so please get to blogging if you need help if you need me to blog for you definitely reach out to me at jasmine at i need to update my email to join the citizens but either one jasmine had joined the citizens jazz on that either way i’ll get it i’ll respond and let’s talk about working together to create incredible and incredible look can’t even talk incredible content for your brand i look forward to working with you until then write really amazing content and share it with me bye

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