Dynamic go-to-market
strategy and
RevOps to grow your


I’m a vibrant product marketing and RevOps consultant.

From my work as an agency founder and consultant to my work at promising tech companies, my career is centered on technology, community, and multimedia communications to connect agencies, SaaS companies and other businesses with a recurring revenue model to clients with high priority problems.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve run several small businesses, started and grew over a dozen online communities and websites, and managed production, marketing and strategic partnerships for events in 9 cities. My writing is published in a play that’s being performed across the U.S. I’ve sat on the advisory board and managed communications strategy for the book launch of a legendary Hollywood director.

In recent years, I’ve pitched my way to Shondaland, PBS, and Ragan, spoken for SCORE nationally and as a local mentor, and have anchored the marketing and communications strategy of New Orleans’ best and brightest cohorts of Propeller, Stay Local! New Orleans, Fund 17 and Good Work Network (now Go.Be).

Now, I’m helping businesses like yours scale with a gumbo of go-to-market strategy, content, and revenue operations–the perfect mix to help you reach and keep amazing clients while growing revenue.


What I do

I partner with you and make your products sticky with these key services.

Go-to-market Strategy

Access a custom-designed framework to take your product and services to market, position your brand, enable sales and channel partners, and create demand for your offering.

Revenue Operations

Create a seamless customer lifecycle by defining marketing, sales and customer success handoffs, improving tech integrations, cleaning up the data and processes that makes revenue grow.

Multimedia Content & Communities

Lead and convert an excited community of raving fans and subscribers as a brand storyteller, subject matter expert and multimedia content publisher to add value, serve more and scale.


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